Why Don't I Practice Naturopathic Medicine?

I'm a naturopath, but I never knew if I wanted to be a doctor. I stumbled on naturopathic medical school to learn more about the science of the human body. Along the way I found that I enjoyed teaching patients about how their bodies and minds worked. I found that I could help people.

What I never liked was the actual practice of medicine, even naturopathic, functional, or integrative medicine. See, "medicine" involves taking a unique human problem and generalizing it by putting it into a diagnostic box. 

If a person came into my office feeling tired and cold and depressed. I might test them for antibodies to the thyroid gland and diagnose them with Hashimoto's. 

"Aha!" I said ten years ago, "Now that I know what's wrong, I know how to treat it!" 

Alas, each case of Hashimoto's is unique and there is no one treatment that is generally successful.

I failed many times.

So, I dove deeper into study, training, and practice. I learned about all the...

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