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Intuitive Bioresonance Assessment (IBA) and consulting introduction presentation:

“Empowering You” case presentation

Intuitive Consulting (IBA) Introduction Presentation: “Empowering You” case presentation


Cases introduction: Lyme; Weight gain; Thyroid

Woman came into the office with Hashimoto’s thyroid condition. She feels Irritable, tired and swollen. A diet switch helped her symptoms 50%, but now she is stuck, and her thyroid function remains abnormal.

  • Normal medical process: Give thyroid hormone for high TSH, double down on diet and hope for the best.
  • Bioresonance (IBA) process over a number of months led us to the following: 
  • Glandular nutrition and herbs for hormone balance
  • Glutathione and b-complex followed by special herbal formula for digestion.
  • Herbs for liver and adrenals
  • SCFA therapy for mitochondria.
  • After 1.5 months, she “felt great” and thyroid labs normalized without medication.

Next patient is a woman with weight gain and feeling “blah.” She has worsening weight gain and a declining response to changing her diet in the past few years. Mentally, she was always analyzing, stressing, and admitted to a tough time “going with the flow.”

  • Normal medical process: double down on diet and try exercising harder. Perhaps spend $250 for hormone test or put on an extensive detox protocol.
  • Her IBA process was remarkably fast, for very instructive reasons. After a few months she felt great. Highlights include:
  • Targeted detox with three products
  • Mitochondrial support with one product
  • Herbs with a hormonal action.
  • How did she feel so much better with so little “treatment?”
  • Part of the reason is letting her body choose support that resonates with her and is given in the right order, rather than all at once.
  • Another part is that by improving the stuck detox, liver, and hormone “flow,” it opened her up to a deepening of health on all levels.
  • She came in with the goal to learn more about herself and she was willing to work. But, she’d been trying for a long time and felt stuck; her efforts weren’t paying dividends.
  • With the first IBA, I could feel in her a “buzzy, hyper” energy on the surface, with a stagnant, slow, old flow underneath that she probably inherited from her family. 
  • The herbs and nutrients her body chose allowed her own work with meditation to deepen and release long held patterns. She reported she was “Letting shit go” more easily and the startling aftereffect was that food was feeling better in her body.
  • After the flow was restored, mitochondrial support ramped up her metabolism and she responded better to exercise. “I feel great!” She put in a lot of work mentally and emotionally and was, for the first time, really able to let things go and feel like “everything is coming together.”

Young woman with waves of fatigue, pain, and cognitive debilitation that would take her OUT for days at a time. She felt like she was losing a battle with Lyme. 

  • Over a period of six months, we worked through a series of support plans.
  • Referring to the last treatment plan, she said “I took the two medicines and found them to be helpful, but [after a month], they didn’t have as much impact and I realized that I was on my own. At the beginning, I felt like I needed the boost and support of the medicines and that they felt like they were ‘treating the Lyme.’  But this last one (lemon balm herbal spagyric tincture) felt more uplifting and grounding and empowering from within. This process is supporting me and teaching me that I’m supposed to be able to heal myself, and I didn’t expect that. Other doctors say ‘get your back cracked twice per week for the rest of you life,’ or ‘take these vitamins forever.’ This was fun. I could feel the light of the flower inside of me.”

In general, what am I talking about? How is what I do different from normal disease care, whether it’s alternative, natural, or functional medicine?

  • Normal medical approach and treatment: what are all the things wrong and how can we fix them all at the same time? 
  • It’s disease oriented and can be overwhelming with 10-12 supplements all at once.
  • Intuitive IBA process focuses on the flow of communication in all the body layers. Like the River analogy, if the flow of communication improves, your ability to heal improves.
  • Using a proprietary assessment tool and a sample of blood or saliva, I can gain detailed information about the priority blocks in that flow.
  • Toxicity, organ systems, nutritional imbalances, emotional trauma, belief systems, nervous system health are all part of the assessment.
  • And the IBA also includes determination of what nutrients/supplements/herbs most match or resonate with your body, down to the dose and duration. 
  • Your body responds to the herbs in a way that supports your body’s innate ability to heal. 
  • And here’s the key: You don’t feel better because of some kind of simplistic prescription fix. You feel better because your own innate intelligence is able to process complex information via bioresonance and ‘choose’ medicines that support your own in-progress healing efforts.
  • I am using my intuition to guide and interpret and reflect the information from your subconscious. I’ve worked very hard to refine this “felt sense” and the bioresonance antennae has focused and strengthened that ability.
  • A striking outcome of this process is that with fewer blocks in your own system, you are more centered and present in your body; you are more deeply connected to your true self and self-love, and this improved flow is like rocket fuel for your own intuition. 
  • In the beginning, you may rely more on the IBA results and my own intuitive consulting expertise to point you in supportive directions. 
  • But as we work together, your own healing potential is unlocked AND your own ability to choose foods, medicines, doctors, and healers that are needed to further support that power. 
  • It’s a relationship powered by teamwork and respect. 

One last example of a patient with neuropathy that is getting better and better. She told me, “In the past, too many things have been thrown in the cart. With this approach I can see how the one thing at a time works more deeply, and my body isn’t getting overwhelmed.”  (and, this client is seeing some changes in pain, but also in anxiety, mood, and energy).

Bottom line: I respect your body’s ability to do work; to heal. I am part of the healing system, standing alongside, ready with a suite of tools from which your subconscious can choose.



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