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No-fee First Consult.

Specific, personalized support.

Layer by layer empowerment of your innate healing ability.


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“The latest results from a CT scan were amazing. My pulmonologist said to, "keep doing what you're doing, it's better than any medicine I could give you.”


Travis is amazing! Our daughter had struggled with allergies and hives for years.”

- Deserae

"After visiting a multitude of healers and doctors over the years on my path to optimal health, Travis’s approach has provided the missing pieces of the puzzle that previously proved quite elusive. If I could refer everyone to Travis, I would."


"I've struggled with Hashimoto's disease, endometriosis, and a series of chronic parasitic, viral and fungal infections...Travis has truly changed my life."



MACHINES NEED TO BE FIXED. YOU DO NOT. You are more than a machine. You have a conscious, self-healing flow and intuition that needs to be supported and nourished.

I am a naturopathic physician but I don't practice either alternative or naturopathic medicine.

I have patients with Lyme, thyroid, gastrointestinal and many other diseases. I have patients with cancer, chronic pain, migraines, anxiety, and depression. But I prefer to not “treat” these conditions, and instead help support immune, detoxification, and nervous systems so that patients can improve these conditions on their own.

We can work as a team, and you don't need to leave your house.

1. Easy shipping of collection kits for the intuitive bioresonance analysis (IBA).

2. IBA process identifies priority blocks and the specific herbal tinctures, nutritional supplements, or other therapies that resonate with your body.

3. Layer by layer, we support your body systems. Your ability to spontaneously heal is increased and your intuition improves. 


Please watch this short video about the River of Health to find out why.

How Understanding a River can Help You Heal