Treating Lyme without Antibiotics

Uncategorized May 18, 2020

Most of my clients recover from Lyme disease with a support plan that does not include antibiotics.  

This may be surprising, but there a good reasons why plants often work better than antibiotics for this complex disease. In this video blog, from October 2019, I discuss why this is so.


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Introduction to Intuitive Health Consulting

introduction materials Apr 14, 2020
What follows is a letter that I sent to my patients in April, 2020 to announce the birth of this new site and business.
Dear valued patient,
In 15 years as a naturopathic physician, I have worked hard to fulfill my mission of addressing the deepest underlying causes of illness. Thank you for being part of this wonderful journey that is continuing to evolve in a very positive way.
To further these efforts, this spring, I will close the practice of Dr. Travis J. Elliott. At that time, I will open a new health consulting service, Travis J. Elliott, Intuitive Health Consulting. Under this new entity, I will provide health consultations and not offer naturopathic medical consultations. At the end of April, I will move out of my Shelburne office and begin serving clients remotely.
My work with the Bioresonance Assessment (the “blood test” as many of you call it) will remain unchanged, although its name is shifting to the Intuitive...
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The River of Health

river of health Apr 03, 2020

The “river” is my analogy for health and healing. It is through this lens that I approach care for every client. 

Please watch this short video and I'll explain why!


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