Systemic Racism and Social Justice - My Plan

On this morning, the morning of my second version of this plan, I am inspired by the inaugural poet Amanda Gorman-- her use of a personal mantra that each day connects her to forces greater than her own body, and her call to embody the best of those forces in each day's actions.

There is always light, if we are brave enough to see it.
If we are brave enough to be it.

In my life and in my "doing" to acknowledge and chip away at the inequities of power, I hope to honor Ms. Gorman's poem. Simply celebrating the inaugural moment, her extraordinary craft and what she, as a "skinny Black girl" represents to our embattled country, falls short. So, as described below, I am committing to some work. I am committing to seeing the light, and I aspire to be it.

Growing up in suburban Portland, Oregon, and now in Vermont, I have lived in white communities serving white people. I have always known this, of course, but I am belatedly recalibrating....

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