Systemic Racism and Social Justice - My Plan

Growing up in suburban Portland, Oregon, and now in Vermont, I have lived in white communities serving white people. I have always known this, of course, but I am belatedly recalibrating. My 'race' and my family's foundational privilege have been exposed in the light of my closer read of US history and a deeper understanding of race as a diseased and contorted outgrowth money and power.

For example, Oregon is the only state that was admitted to the US with racial exclusion language. Until 1926, it was illegal to be black in Oregon, punishable by whipping. Oregon was designed as a white bastion, and it is easy to see how that foundation could, half a century later, sustain an environment that made it easier for my newly arriving family to succeed.

I personally have benefited from the racist roots of my 'Free World.' I walk a greased path that all but ensures success as long as I do what's expected; as long as I follow my heart; as long as I...

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